Hi there! My name is Cassandra Fuda! Welcome to my Health & Beauty Blog. As a Certified Nutritionist, Hairdresser, self taught poetry writer and mental health advocate, I have an immense passion for the Wellness world. These attributes were the drivers to create CFudaBeauty. CFuda.Beauty’s mission is to create a space where individuals can visit when they are looking for Nutrition, Beauty inspiration as well as checking in with their mental health.

CFuda.Beauty’s goal is to create a different environment and view on the Beauty world. I got into the beauty industry, not because of vanity but because I believe it is a form of expression, the way us individuals get to tell a story about ourselves by the way we choose to appear as our own unique individual. It brings me immense joy to create a look for someone that is personal to them and see how happy and beautiful they feel. As a nutritionist I believe in the well-being of individuals from their mind, body and spirit. CFuda.Beauty integrates all three elements to the website. Nutritional recipes and information focus on the body, the inspirational posts about mental health focus on the mind and the beauty aspect focus’ on the spirit as a form of expression.

I thank you again for finding yourself present at this website! I invite you to look through and find what it is you were looking for today! Happy reading! I hope you visit often!

You are Light

Your are Love

You are Life